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The Shipping Depot + is a locally owned one stop shop for all of your shipping and packaging needs. We are not a franchise. We have 20+ years in the shipping business. Let our experts consult with you on your shipping needs. The Shipping Depot+, also has copy and fax services available for your convenience.

We are an authorized shipping facility for both FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We have a variety of different sized boxes, envelopes, and packing materials, as well as tape. Bring all of your prepaid FedEx and USPS shipping packages to us for no charge! Please keep in mind that there is a $1 dollar fee for all UPS prepaid and pre labeled drop off packages. For all your eBay shipping needs, we can help you ship your items and ensure that they arrive undamaged saving you time and money!

We also carry small office supplies, and have onsite resume services available as well. Please call us for more information on what we can do to assist you in your shipping needs.

FedEx Authorized Shipping Center in New Castle, PA                   UPS Authorized Shipping Center in New Castle, PA

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eBay Drop Off Location in New Castle, PA